Gardening Tips for February

In February, we experience the beginnings of spring in the garden.  We start to see early colors and signs of new greenery.  Now is the time to prepare beds and plant to get root systems established during the spring months.

Fertilize.   February is the time to fertilize trees, shrubs and evergreens.  Use a rose or all-purpose garden type fertilizer to feed roses, fruit and flowering trees, plus other deciduous trees and shrubs.  If you use dry type fertilizers, be sure to water-in thoroughly after application.

Stop Spring Weeds.  To have a lush green lawn free of weeds this spring, now is the time to apply a pre-emergent!  Pre-emergents work by preventing the weed seed from germinating – applying at the right time is important.  A reliable pre-emergent that works on weeds in East Texas is Hi-Yield’s Weed Stopper with Dimension.

If you prefer to use an organic product our recommendation is Nature’s Guide Spreadable Corn Gluten.  It’s a natural weed preventer and nitrogen fertilizer.

We have a large supply of both types of pre-emergents available at the Nursery.

Spraying.   February is a good month to make an application of winter dormant spray on fruit trees to kill damaging insects as they wake up from their winter’s nap.  Spray at a time when the wind is not blowing and when temperatures are above freezing.

Pruning.  Prune back trees,  shrubs and roses before buds start to show.  Valentine’s Day is considered the best time to trim back roses.

Freezing Temperatures.    If temperatures do drop close to 32 degrees use a freeze cloth to protect early flowering or tender plants.

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