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Natural Premium Turf Food

Nature's Guide: premium turf food

Nature’s Guide premium turf food can be used on all lawn grasses.  The formula yield of 6% nitrogen (N), 1% phosphorus (P), and 4% potash (K) are required for healthy plant growth plus natural growth.

Beneficial organic matter from the alfalfa meal, soybean, meal, natural molasses and seaweed, build microorganism populations and improves soil structure.

Natural Turf Food

Nature's Guide: turf food

Nature’s Guide turf food is made with poultry litter base.  Poultry litter is rich in natural nitrogen that is quickly liberated in the soil to green up grass and keep it green.

Fall Fertilizer

Nature's Guide: fall fertilizer

Fall Fertilizer provides much need protection to grasses during the winter months.  The 3-0-5 formula using natural occurring potash provides important nourishment to the root systems.

Dried Molasses

Nature's Guide: dried molasses

Nature’s Guide dried molasses should be the first step in rebuilding and maintaining lawn and garden soil.  Molasses have no peers as an all round soil builder for boosting microorganism grown and health.  Natural sugar and high carbon content provide soil microbes energy to convert organic matter and soil minerals into elemental nutrients for growing plants.

Natural Corn Gluten

Nature's Guide: corn gluten

Nature’s Guide corn gluten has a high nitrogen content of 9% that provides plenty of nutrition to lawns without burning.  Corn gluten is used primary as a weed seed pre-emergent on lawns.

Natural Blooms

Nature's Guide: natural blooms

Use Natural Blooms fertilizer to maximize buds and blooms.  The pelletized formula consists of alfalfa meal, bone meal, our heat pasteurized poultry litter, sulfate of potash, dried molasses and, dried seaweed.

Tomato and Pepper Food

Nature's Guide: tomato and pepper

Tomato and pepper food works with the whole vegetable plant.  Healthy plants with healthy roots, leaves, and stems produce better yields.  The formula is completely natural and safe to use even during harvest time.

Natural Phosphate

Hi Yield: super phosphate

Nature’s Guide Rock Phosphate is a naturally mined rock that contains high concentrations of naturally occurring phosphorus.  It works with plants to encourage fruiting and blooming.

Earthworm Castings

Nature's Guide: earth worm castings

Earthworm castings are rich in water soluble nutrients.  In addition to the beneficial fertilizer it provides a rich source of good microbes and bacteria.

Expanded Shale

Nature's Guide: expanded shale

Natural shale is heated until it expands or “pops” producing a stable, porous, lightweight, natural substance that open heavy clay soils end enhances root growth.  Each particle of expanded shale acts like a tiny sponge to hold moisture which it slowly releases as the soil begins to dry.

Lava Sand

Nature's Guide: lava sand

Nature’s Guide Lava Sand is a natural sandy substance consisting of crushed volcanic slag or dried lava.  In the cooling process this material was left with many tiny holes.  In clay soils it separates the microscopic particles to improve penetration of moisture and oxygen.

Texas Green Sand

Nature's Guide: texas green sand

Texas Greensand is formed from marine deposits.  It’s rich in iron and potassium and holds water which it releases slowly.

Liquid Molasses

Nature's Guide: liquid molasses

Liquid molasses offers the same benefits as molasses in a liquid form.  It can be used as a drench or foliar spray.

Root Stimulator

Nature's Guide: root stimulator

Nature’s Guide Root Stimulator is the first step to success in any planting project.  Made from all natural ingredients including biostimulants, like seaweed and plant extracts it works with everything from seeds to the largest trees.

Diatomaceous Earth

Nature's Guide: diatomaceous earth

Feed Grade diatomaceous earth is the purest form of this product.  It is commonly used as an additive to animal feeds.

Mosquito Repellent

Nature's Guide: garlic cropped

Made from 100% Citronella oil from the leaves and stems of the cymbopogon plant, it has been used effectively in repelling mosquitos and other flying insects

Garlic Spray

Nature's Guide: garlic cropped

Nature’s Guide garlic spray is an all natural insect repellent that works for hours.   It’s mixed with just the right amount of garlic oil to make a safe, effective, and convenient spray.

Fungicide with Corn Meal

Nature's Guide: fungicide with corn meal

Nature’s Guide fungicide is a combination of dried garlic blended with horticultural grade corn meal.  The natural fungicidal properties of garlic work along with corn meal’s ability to stimulate the growth of beneficial microorganisms that feed on different noxious fungal species.  Use on lawns, flowerbeds and vegetable garden to control and prevent fungus diseases.  

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